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All-New L-Series Wheel Loaders

Elevate your comfort, capabilities, and fuel efficiency.

New 744L, 824L, and 844L Production-Class Wheel Loaders feature a new cab, joystick steering, intuitive controls, fuel-efficient engines, and a host of other features that help reduce operator burnout while burning less fuel – up to 16% more fuel efficient compared to the K-Series. And the 844L Aggregate Handler features increased first-gear rim pull and a dedicated hydraulic pump for steering and lifting that enable quicker cycles. That means more trucks loaded out on less fuel in a day.

Features & Benefits

Expanded electrohydraulic (EH) control

Operators can easily enable and adjust the following electrohydraulic (EH) functions through the monitor: EH Precision Mode, soft hydraulic stops for boom and bucket, boom and bucket aggressiveness, and presets for up to 10 different attachments.

Multifunction buttons

Seat-mounted right-hand hydraulic controls feature two industry-exclusive multifunction buttons that can each be programmed to handle any of nine functions selected through the LCD monitor.

All-new cab

The 744L, 824L, and 844L deliver loads of comfort, with a heated/ventilated seat; more legroom, storage, and power ports; and a more efficient HVAC system than previous models.

Aggregate Handler

The 844L Aggregate Handler for load-out work consumes less fuel, plus features increased first-gear rim pull and a dedicated hydraulic pump for steering and lifting that enable quicker cycles.

New Large-Size Models

303-563 HP Wheel Loaders

744L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 316 hp
Operating Weight: 55,872–57,086 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 5.25–5.85 cu. yd.

824L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 343 hp
Operating Weight: 60,645–61,685 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 6.0–6.75 cu. yd.

844L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 417 hp
Operating Weight: 74,831–76,670 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 6.3–8.0 cu. yd.

New Mid-Size Models

125-275 HP Wheel Loaders

524L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 152 hp
Operating Weight: 28,931–31,097 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 2.5–4.0 cu. yd.

544L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 166 hp
Operating Weight: 30,520–32,827 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 2.5–4.5 cu. yd.

624L Wheel Loader

Net Power: 192 hp
Operating Weight: 34,715–37,174 lb.
Bucket Capacity: 3.0–5.25 cu. yd.